About Us

K. Ehsan Founder and CEO of TowPedia

K. Ehsan founder of TowPedia

I am the founder and CEO of TowPedia. This website is the result of my passion and love for autos.

I have graduated in engineering and have great knowledge of techs and websites. I have worked for several Tech companies and also worked on brand building for several brands. Then, I realized I should do something that I love to do.

Since childhood, I have great interest in cars, mods, and traveling. TowPedia is the fusion of everything. I got my hands on Toyota Cressida, Camry, Mazda, Rav4, KIA Carnival, and the list goes on. So, I have got plenty of experience with old cars, as well as modern cars.

TowPedia was started with a vision to be the encyclopedia of towing, towing items (like hitch, and winch), parts, accessories, and lastly everything happening in the automotive industry. In the coming years, we hope that we will reach our dream.

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Our Team

Maintaining a site like this is not possible without a passionate team. Our team has a similar vision to mine and experts in their own field.

H. Henry – Senior Editor

Great guy and state of the art experience as an editor. Already worked as an editor for a few other automotive sites. So, he is also a car enthusiast. He also does in-depth research and expert interviews.

D. Garza – Author

Driving and drifting cars from childhood. Knows all the car parts in and out. What else do you need to be qualified as an author for our site?

H. Sowle – Author

An introvert expresses his feelings and thoughts amazingly while writing. Worked, fixed, and moded cars with his dad. Love for cars is in his blood.

Our Experts

We always try to cross-check our content with experts. Also, we do take their expert’s recommendations and what they think.

Eric from EricTheCarGuy

Since 2009 Eric published 800+ videos on Youtube. He has millions of subscribers and extensive knowledge of car parts. We take his feedback, analysis, and recommendation from his channel.

Chris from ChrisFix

Another car enthusiast with 9M+ subscribers. He is helping people to fix their cars since 2008. His Youtube channel is our go-to option for any kind of car fixing-related issues.

We do believe, you will be benefitted from the contents of our website. All the articles are cross-checked and well-researched before publishing. We also try to give unbiased reviews of the products.

Contact: If you have any questions or concerns do contact us.