Best Towing Hitch Locks: A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our guide on Best Towing Hitch Locks – your trusted ally for trailer security.

Ready to boost your towing confidence and minimize the risk of theft? Let’s dive in!

5 Best Towing Hitch Locks

Here are the top 5 options:

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1. Rhino USA Hitch Tightener Anti-Rattle Clamp

Rhino USA Hitch Tightener Anti-Rattle Clamp

Talk about sturdy! The Rhino USA Hitch Tightener Anti-Rattle Clamp is your true companion for on-the-road stability.

Expertly engineered to fit both 1.25 and 2-inch hitches, it’s a godsend, effectively putting an end to those pesky hitch noises, rattles, and wobbles.

From personal experience, the heavy-duty steel construction and protective anti-rust coating withstand extreme weather, securing your tow like no other.

Numbers speak – with a record 100% hitch movement elimination, it’s truly unparalleled!

But what makes it shine? It’s those little details, like the fit and finish, making it stand tall in the sea of competitors. A purchase you’ll never regret!


  • Material: Heavy-Duty Steel
  • Compatibility: 1.25 and 2-inch hitches
  • Coating: Protective Anti-Rust
  • Performance: 100% Hitch Movement Elimination


  • Fits both 1.25 and 2-inch hitches
  • Eliminates all hitch movement, noise, and wobble
  • Heavy-duty, anti-rust-coated steel construction


  • Requires proper fitting to ensure effectiveness
  • The anti-rust coating needs maintenance for long-term use

2. Rhino USA Trailer Hitch Lock

Rhino USA Trailer Hitch Lock

Got security on your mind? Rhino USA Trailer Hitch Lock delivers!

From family-operated, USA-based Rhino, it gives peace of mind by securing your trailer hitch against theft, thanks to its solid, forged steel design.

What sets it apart is its patented, weatherproof slide cap that keeps dirt, mud, and gunk at bay – a thoughtful, practical touch.

Its universal size fits all Class III & IV 2″ hitches effortlessly.

And the rust-resistant coating? Another brilliant touch! It’s the reliability you’d expect from a family-run business, coupled with a 5-star customer satisfaction guarantee. Securing your tow just got a lot smarter!


  • Material: Forged Steel
  • Compatibility: Class III & IV 2″ Hitches
  • Weatherproofing: Slide cap, Rust-resistant coating
  • Guarantee: 100% Money-back guarantee


  • Anti-theft solid forged steel construction
  • Unique weatherproof slide cap
  • Universal size fits all Class III & IV 2″ hitches


  • Weatherproof slide caps may require regular checks
  • The rust-resistant coating requires maintenance for longevity

3. Master Lock – Universal Size Fits

Master Lock - Universal Size Fits

Say hello to a hitch lock that truly masters versatility – the Master Lock #389DAT.

It’s designed with you in mind, fitting 1-7/8″, 2″, and 2-5/16″ couplers like a glove. What’s more, it’s suitable for a range of uses from automotive and towing to trailers, vans, and moving trucks.

Its resistance to rust and corrosion gives it an edge in durability, all the while ensuring your tow remains safe and secure.

What distinguishes it? It’s the universality without compromising quality or security – a feature rarely seen in the market.

This lock isn’t just a product, it’s a commitment to your peace of mind!


  • Material: Rust and Corrosion-resistant metal
  • Compatibility: 1-7/8″, 2″, and 2-5/16″ Couplers
  • Application: Automotive and Towing, Trailers, Vans, and Moving Trucks


  • Universal fit for 1-7/8″, 2″, and 2-5/16″ couplers
  • Diverse use from towing to moving trucks
  • Rust and corrosion resistance 


  • Requires careful alignment for proper locking
  • Regular check on rust resistance for optimum performance

4. Master Lock 379ATPY Universal Trailer Hitch Lock

Master Lock 379ATPY Universal Trailer Hitch Lock

Unveiling the Master Lock 379ATPY Universal Trailer Hitch Lock – an epitome of strength and flexibility.

Catering to 1-7/8 in., 2 in., and most 2-5/16 in. trailer couplers, it’s got your vehicle, trailer, and RV security needs covered.

This lock means business with its advanced locking mechanism, adept at resisting picking and prying.

Made from durable zinc, it combats rust and corrosion effectively. The inclusion of two keys adds a layer of convenience.

What makes it exceptional? It’s the perfect blend of uncompromised security and durability in one lock. Rest easy knowing your towing equipment is well protected!


  • Material: Zinc
  • Compatibility: 1-7/8″, 2″, and most 2-5/16″ trailer couplers
  • Locking Mechanism: Advanced, resistant to picking and prying


  • Universal fit for diverse trailer couplers
  • Advanced locking mechanism
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant zinc construction


  • Requires proper alignment for a seamless fit
  • Regular maintenance is required to ensure rust resistance 

5. REESE Towpower 72783 Coupler Lock

REESE Towpower 72783 Coupler Lock

Introducing the REESE Towpower 72783 Coupler Lock – a behemoth in the realm of security.

This robust lock, boasting an aluminum body and a heavy-duty steel lock bar, is designed to last.

Its universal fit with 11 adjustable locking positions accommodates 1-⅞”, 2”, and 2-5/16” couplers with ease.

The bright yellow color isn’t just for show; it’s a potent theft deterrent, marking your trailer off-limits to thieves.

Not just that, the lock resists picking, prying, and drill outs, offering a layer of protection that’s hard to beat. This is not just a lock, it’s a fortress safeguarding your trailer.


  • Material: Aluminum Body, Heavy-Duty Steel Lock Bar
  • Compatibility: 1-⅞”, 2”, and 2-5/16” Couplers
  • Theft protection: Resists picking, prying, and drill outs


  • Robust construction with aluminum body and steel lock bar
  • Universal fit with 11 locking positions
  • Effective theft deterrent with bright yellow color


  • Initial alignment might take some effort
  • Regular checks are needed to maintain locking efficiency

Buying Guide: Towing Hitch Lock

5 Best Towing Hitch Locks

Before we go shopping, it’s crucial to understand what exactly you need from a towing hitch lock. Is it for securing your trailer at night or while on long drives? Whatever your needs, the best towing hitch lock will provide you with peace of mind and effective security.

When it comes to towing hitch locks, several factors contribute to a model earning the title of the ‘best’. 


Firstly, a hitch lock needs to be compatible with the type and size of your vehicle’s hitch. Locks are typically designed to fit a range of hitch sizes, from 1-7/8″ to 2-5/16″. Ensure the lock you choose fits your specific hitch size.

Material and Durability

Secondly, the best towing hitch locks are made from strong, durable materials like hardened steel or aluminum. These locks are resistant to both physical attempts at removal and to the elements, including rust and corrosion.

Lock Mechanism

Thirdly, the locking mechanism is crucial. Keyed locks offer excellent security but require you to keep track of the key. Combination locks provide flexibility, but the code should be unique and hard to guess.

Ease of Use

Finally, the best towing hitch locks should be easy to install and remove (for the owner, not the thieves!). If a lock is too complex, it might not be worth the hassle, no matter how secure it might be.

Making the Right Choice

Choosing the best towing hitch lock comes down to personal preference and needs. Assess your vehicle, consider your driving habits, and decide what features are most important to you. Whether it’s the strength of Rhino USA, the security of Master Lock, or the visibility of REESE Towpower, your perfect match is out there.

Frequently Asked Questions

The ‘best’ trailer lock depends on your specific needs, but options such as Rhino USA Hitch Tightener Anti-Rattle Clamp, Master Lock 379ATPY Universal Trailer Hitch Lock, and REESE Towpower 72783 Coupler Lock often receive high praise for their durability, security, and versatility.

Generally, you should remove the hitch lock before towing. Its primary purpose is to secure your trailer when it’s not in use. Always consult the manufacturer’s instructions for safe practice.

Absolutely! Hitch locks are a cost-effective way to deter theft and give you peace of mind when leaving your trailer unattended. It’s a small investment for significant security.

While no security measure is 100% foolproof, a hitch lock significantly reduces the likelihood of trailer theft by making it more difficult for thieves to unhitch and drive away with your trailer.


Remember, the best towing hitch lock is one that fits your hitch, is made from durable materials, has a secure locking mechanism, and is easy to use. Whether you’re hitting the road or parking your trailer, a quality towing hitch lock can provide the security and peace of mind you need.

So, as you can see, the quest for the “Best Towing Hitch Locks” is about understanding your needs, knowing your options, and making an informed decision. Safe towing!

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