Best Towing Hitch Lights: A Comprehensive Review

In the world of towing, the Best Towing Hitch Lights can make a world of difference.

This guide will enlighten you on top options, how they enhance safety, and why they’re a crucial add-on for any hitch setup. Buckle up, it’s time to illuminate your towing journey!

5 Best Towing Hitch Lights

1. Bully Brake/Reverse Hitch Light

Bully Brake/Reverse Hitch Light

The Bully Brake/Reverse Hitch Light (CR-987) transforms your towing experience. As a user, you’ll appreciate how it brightens when the brake is pressed, offering amplified rear visibility—a critical safety feature.

This isn’t just a standard light; it fits perfectly into 2” hitch receivers and comes with a user-friendly wiring harness compatible with 4-pole plugs.

From an expert’s perspective, the dual functionality is impressive—serving as a hitch cover when not in use and an invaluable safety tool when required. Measurement-wise, it stands out with its ideal brightness levels and precise fit for hitch receivers.

Compared to competitors, the Bully CR-987 excels in offering enhanced functionality without compromising on aesthetic appeal. Truly a top pick for hitch lights!


  • Enhanced safety with increased rear visibility
  • Convenient dual functionality
  • User-friendly installation


  • Limited to 2″ hitch receivers
  • Requires a standard 4-pole plug

2. Hitch Lights 15-LED Black Lens

Hitch Lights 15-LED Black Lens

The 15-LED Black Lens Hitch Light (Trailer Lights LY039-2) is a game-changer in towing safety.

Imagine a super bright LED brake light that not only increases rear visibility but also operates in strobe mode for added attention.

Plus, it offers a unique running tail light and turning signal light function.

From an expert point of view, the multi-functionality surpasses many competitors. It snugly fits 2″ hitch receivers and comes with a protective wiring jacket—a great combo of practicality and security.

What sets it apart? That’s the strobe mode and the included lock and foam lining, ensuring a perfect fit. You’ll love its superior safety features and multi-mode functionality.


  • Multi-function LED lights for enhanced safety
  • Secure fit with lock and foam lining
  • Strobe mode for additional visibility


  • Requires a specific wiring setup 
  • Only fits 2″ hitch receivers

3. iJDMTOY Red Lens LED Tail/Brake Light

iJDMTOY Red Lens LED Tail/Brake Light

The iJDMTOY Red Lens LED Tail/Brake Light is an upgrade you never knew you needed.

It slots into your truck’s towing hitch, illuminating a super bright red when you hit the brakes. Its value isn’t just when towing; it’s a practical safety add-on, that enhances your vehicle’s visibility.

For the technical, it’s powered by 15 LED bulbs, and unlike typical 9-LED models, this offers both brake and running tail light functions.

And here’s the unique twist—it doesn’t blink with turn signals, an intelligent design to prevent confusion.

For those who cherish their trucks, this addition sets you apart. The included hitch pin lock and foam lining ensure a perfect fit, a detail that illustrates quality engineering.


  • High brightness with 15 LED bulbs
  • Dual-function: brake and running tail light
  • Intelligent non-blinking design with turn signals


  • Installation may require some technical knowledge
  • Designed specifically for 2″ hitch receivers

4. CURT 53201 Auxiliary Automotive LED Light Strips

CURT 53201 Auxiliary Automotive LED Light Strips

Ready to step up your safety game? The CURT 53201 Auxiliary Automotive LED Light Strips are a game changer.

Designed to increase road safety, these LED strips plug into your vehicle and mirror your taillights, turn signals, and brake lights – a great addition for hitch cargo carriers or bike racks.

The versatility of these lights is impressive – thanks to the adhesive backing, they can be installed almost anywhere! Hitch accessory, trailer, you name it.

What’s unique about these strips? They are right and left-specific, ensuring accurate signaling. Plus, they easily plug into a standard 4-way flat connector. You’ll appreciate the comprehensive kit that includes everything for a smooth installation.


  • Enhances safety with synchronized light actions
  • Versatile installation possibilities
  • Comprehensive kit for easy setup


  • Adhesive strength may vary depending on the surface
  • Requires standard 4-way flat connector

5. Partsam Magnetic LED Trailer Towing Light Kit

Partsam Magnetic LED Trailer Towing Light Kit

A revolution in trailer safety, the Partsam Magnetic LED Trailer Towing Light Kit is a must-have. This kit isn’t your usual offering, it brings five key functions – Rear Position, Direction Indicator, Brake, Reflector, and Number Plate Light – for all-around safety assurance. 

For the tech-savvy, this light is suitable for USA standard 12V trailers with 5-wire systems. However, take note – it’s not compatible with 4-wire systems.

What sets it apart? The IP68 waterproof rating – even submersion won’t faze it.

Moreover, the sturdy magnetic backing ensures the lights stay put, even on bumpy roads. This kit is a testament to Partsam’s dedication to safety and quality. No doubt, it’s an asset to your towing needs.


  • Comprehensive light functions for safety
  • IP68 Waterproof and submersible
  • Magnetic backing for easy installation


  • Not compatible with 4-wire systems
  • Plug adapter required for some setups

Best Towing Hitch Lights: An Essential Guide for Every Towing Enthusiast

5 Best Towing Hitch Lights

Best towing hitch lights – if you’re here, it’s because you know just how essential they are. Whether you’re a seasoned tower or just starting, these lights are crucial for your safety and others on the road. But how do you choose the best? Let’s delve into that.

Why Should You Care About Best Towing Hitch Lights?

In the world of towing, visibility is a non-negotiable safety aspect. Hitch lights augment your vehicle’s visibility, mirroring your actions to those behind you – from signaling a turn to pressing your brakes.

The Anatomy of Towing Hitch Lights

Before we leap into choosing the best, let’s decode what makes up these essential lights.

LED or Incandescent?

Here’s the first decision you’ll face. Incandescent lights have been around for a while, but LEDs have taken the lead. They’re brighter, more energy-efficient, and offer a longer lifespan.

Lens Color

This is more than aesthetics. Red is standard, but some states allow amber too. Always check your local regulations.

Mounting Method

How you’ll attach the lights is crucial. Some come with magnetic mounts for ease, while others require a hitch receiver.


How will you connect the lights to your vehicle? There are 4-pin and 7-pin options, with the former being more common.

Top Considerations: Choosing the Best Towing Hitch Lights


Ensure the lights are compatible with your vehicle’s hitch receiver and electrical system. This might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s an easy oversight.


You need lights that can handle the open road. Look for waterproof ratings and sturdy construction.


The best towing hitch lights offer superior brightness. LEDs typically outperform here.


More than just brake lights, some hitch lights offer running lights and turn signals. They provide better communication to drivers behind you.

Ease of Installation

Nobody wants a complicated setup. Look for kits that come complete with all you need for a smooth installation.

Price and Reviews

Budget plays a role. And don’t forget to read reviews. Real experiences can offer insight into the product beyond what’s on the box.

Frequently Asked Questions

Though there’s a lot of technology in the towing world, a standout would be the weight distribution hitch with sway control. This advanced tow hitch helps evenly distribute weight and control sway, providing a smoother, safer ride.

A hitch light is a lighting device attached to the hitch of a vehicle. It increases visibility by mirroring the actions of your vehicle’s lights, such as braking or indicating a turn, ensuring other drivers are aware of your intentions on the road.

The best hitch size largely depends on what you plan to tow. The most common sizes are 1-1/4″, 2″, and 2-1/2″. For most general towing, a 2″ hitch receiver is often sufficient. Always refer to your vehicle and trailer’s specifications.

The most common tow hitch is the receiver hitch. This type of hitch mounts directly onto the frame of the vehicle and comes in five different classes based on weight capacity. They’re versatile, being compatible with a variety of hitch-mounted accessories.


Choosing the best towing hitch lights isn’t a task to take lightly. From compatibility to brightness and price, many factors come into play.

But with this guide, you’re now better equipped to make a knowledgeable decision. Remember, when it comes to towing, safety is paramount, and hitch lights play a crucial role in that.

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